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The Sleeping Beauty

Tchaikovsky's ballet triple's second ballet is (the fist one is Swan Lake and the thirt one is The Nutcracker) "Sleeping Beauty". I was so young when I watched this ballet but I still remember the most important scenes and still adore it. (not just because of my favorite compositeur "Tchaikovsky")

The premiere was at November 15th in 1890 at Imperial Mariinsky Theatre St. Petersburg.

The First Sleeping Beauty Cast

The story is the same. Princess Auora has cursed at her sixteenth birtday party by a witch. There was just one way to break the curse: "real lover's kiss" .

Princess Auora slept one hundered year at the top of a castle and suddenly a prince-Florimund- found her while he has hunting.

After the defeat Carabosse( the monster which guards the castle against strangers), prince comes to the Auora's room and awakenes her with a kiss.The Prince then declares his love for Aurora and proposes to her. The King and the Queen are happy to give their blessings.

So that part is not belong to me:

Preparations for the wedding are made. On the day of the festivities, different fairies are invited. These are the fairies to bless the marriage – The Gold Fairy, the Silver Fairy, the Sapphire Fairy and the Diamond Fairy. The Lilac Fairy also makes an appearance. Many fairytale characters, such as Puss in Boots and the White Cat, are also among the guests. A golden chain of dances is held, including a Pas de Quatre for the four precious jewel and metal fairies, a dance for Puss in Boots and the White Cat, a Pas de Deux for the Bluebird and Princess Florine, a dance for Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, a Sarabande (usually omitted), a Pas de Deux for Aurora and Florimund and finally a mazurka. The Prince and the Princess are wed, and the Lilac Fairy blesses their marriage. The ballet ends with an apotheosis (apothéose) where all the characters make a final bow


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