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Belgians First: Loft

I can not consider myself as an expert on Belgian movies but I can clearly say that Loft was the best Belgian movie that I have ever seen so far. How did I get this opinion is the  powerful stories of  each character, well organised scenaro and a director who loves to show the details. The duration of the film is about 2 hours but there's nothing to be worry about on getting bored or so because during that time your blood will flow extremly fast through your veins and especially in some scenes you will not be able to think about even the concept of the time, no I am not exaggerating. 

The story runs around five different close men and starts from a loft that they rented to meet with their fancy women- mistresses- in their leisure times. They go their works, then after their homes and sometimes,whenever they want to have some fun, they to go this "loft". Everyting goes perfect until the day that a body of a dead woman gets find in the loft by them.

A loft, five men and five keys for the door. Who is the betrayor? Looks like a cheap Hollywood horror movie scenario but the things do not go like this in Belgium. At least fot this movie. We start to see the part of the lifes of each men. Their relationship with each other, the screenwriter has to be congratulated to write a scenario which can let us free to do  this five men's character anaylsis by our own but describing their personalities; hatibtudes, their attitudes at the same time and in a very  succesful way. One more rating on the scenarist for  running the main story with a great harmony while focusing on each character very carefully, even the wives and the misstresses of the men. 

One of the things that make this movie really good is the scenaroi was obviously not written to 
be complex engogh to make the average audiences say "Oh my gosh! Sush a great movie! It is really complexive!" The realt title that lies under is; "I did not understand anyting but I want to be seem like clever so I should pretend like I understood the whole story." No, It does not do that as we had to envisaged such audiences like that because of "Inception" or "Cloud Atlas". the scenario of Loft also become complex sometimes but the think that I optimistically wanted to point out is, It becomes complex because of the nature of the main story. It is determined to be like that not needing someone to push it to be uncomprehensible.

Besides the scenario, the shoots are making you feel like you are really in Antwerp, ( by the way, such an enchanting city Antwerp is! The filming location. I was there last year. It was already pretty good but wihile looking from the director's perspective the city turns something magical, very glommy and magical.) you are having your meal in Willems's home with others and wondering who is the killer like the others. 

It is not hard to follow but It's normalif you loose the clues and so on. But the really thing is, all the clues that you collected in your mind as guessing the final will go to the garbage of your brain because just after a little bit of the climax of the movie, the truth will be finding out while you were swearing to the scenarist to waste all of your foresigns about the final.


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