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Sherlock: When an Old Phenomenon Creates a Brand New Phenomenon

Sherlock Holmes. a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. This extremely clever, arrogant and isolated character still keeps his popularity and already became one of the symbols of England.

A characteristic hat, pipe, coat and a brilliant mind. These are the first things that our minds evoke us when we hear the name of Sherlock. A lot of well-known actor played Sherlock, a lot of unpopular actor played as Sherlock Holmes and became popular. Even a man who is considered to be one of the best actors of our times, Robert Downey Junior has played him and became more and more popular. But the thing is; any of this actors could let the legend of Sherlock Holmes under his shadow and became a phenomenon; until now...

Sherlock is a British Tv serie of BBC 1, started in 2010 and still goes on with it's addicts-fans which increase day by day.  Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson is portraying Martin Freeman and tis two men, has already created a new legend apart from the real Sherlock Holmes. Even the first moments of the serie was giving us something different than just a serie which tries to reflect the Victorian England. No, this Sherlock lives inb current time and uses the new technologies. He hasn't got a pipe and he also hates the Sherlock's hat. A brand new Sherlock who recreates Sherlock from the beginning and brings the character further. I am not talking about that he brought Sherlock to our times, but he started to reflect the other sides of Sherlock that we were not aware of - actually, probably the parts of Sherlock that were never exist but appeared with Benedict Cumberbacht - it needs a big challenge to write his name correctly!- The screenwriters also focused on his psychology and tired to make a connection between him and the audience to understand him better.

We should not skip Martin Freeman, our dearest Hobbit who portrayed such a difficult character play. It is obvious that he tried hard to explore the psychological situation of Dr. John Watson, a military doctor who injured in Afghanistan and having troubles to finding his harmony on daily life. 

Ever season has just three episodes. But It does not finish with it because all of the episodes are about 90 minutes which give us the taste of three movies instead of one, and it continues from where it stopped every year. 

To be continued...


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