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The things have changed so far. So, it's the right time to catch them up!

(This image has nothing to do with this post. I simply like van Gogh)

I took some time off on writing in my blog. I know, it was not necessary to leave it like that. I do blame myself to let it down and just being too lazy to catch it up. But yeah, it has been a while that I wasn't in the town but I turned back! But I should admit that, during this period, I've seen lots of magnificent movies to write about. While I'm saying magnificent, I don't want to be understanded as I put my pretty pink glasses on just before watching every movie then I  loved every single scene of them, I wasn't like that, not at all. I narsistically enjoyed some of the movies that I watched because they were so open to the discussions with their palpable lines and symbols in their scenarios. I just loved them with all of their twisted values- or oppositely, their way of thinking that what is twisted, the underlined images which hide behind of fancy scenes, orientalistic point of views that I suppose eventthe filmmakes, the screenwriter and the director has not noticed but lies in  unsconscius part of their brain. There are lots of topics that accumulated and wait for me to move my prescious finger muscles to being wtritten in here. I hope that I will point all of them out and write down here consecutively.

I steel feel constrained about explaining why I did not continue to write on my blog for a few months. First of all, I was in a "mad period' that all changed all my life. But this period was already predictable because I have already knew that I should have been moved from Belgium by end of the term. So what have I done for all this time? No, not cried in my home while evoking the best moments in Belgium and cursing myself to be in Turkey. (To be frank; I still do it sometimes but very regularly.) I love all this two pretty countries which have almost no connections between them. One of them is really small, already the center of Europe and will be included to all previsible treaties and orgnisations. Happy with drinking beer and enjoyind to be depressed during the winter -the worse thing is, the same thing happens during the spring, just after the "Brassicole".- The other is quite big enough to going to ski and having a sun bath at the same time. Surrounded by the prejudices. Can not be the part of anything. Nor in the Europe, nor in the Asia, nor in the Turkic countries, there's a litte part of it but impossible to include the whole country as push it to be the part of something.

Maybe it is the one and only but the most important common point between Turkey and Belgium. This two countries suffer from the identity problems for deceades. The main problem of them is about controversial policies that has been taken, unsuccesfull governments that turn this two countries into some kind of a bureucraticly chaotic areas. But the most importingly, the historical backgrounds of this two old countries make clear our way about the identity problems that they suffer event right now. This two countries might be considered as a teenager because of "who am I?" kind of the questions that they still ask to each other and link them to their huge trees that branched on any sort of identity problems which started to go on their way, not even listening their law-makers or governments.

Before finishing this some kind of a apology letter/pos- or whatever you call it, I want to add that I had lots of courses on gender and I read a lot on Lacanism and it's most popular supporter of our days, the famous Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizerk so you can see more therotical observes than the pratical-daily concerns. The point that I want to make it out is,I might be boring sometimes because of my therotichal stuffs.

Andd let the show begins!!

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