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I just decided that that I am an addict to Swedish movies, in a bad way... Because everytime that I see a Swedish movie, a sentiment like falling down from a mountain occures into me. Like there is a big hole inside of me and it gets bigger while I continue to watch to movie. But I do it again. I know that I am going to feel the same falling down effect before watching a Swedish movie but I watch it anyway. Ondskan (En: Evil, Tr: Şeytan) is a good example of thst kind of movies. 

Scandinavian movies do not tell a different story, but they tell it in a different way. Cooler, not charming people to do empathy with caracters but discuss them within the pure reality so that the audiences will not be able to repeat that kind of issues in their real lifes. It reminds me a little bit Pavlov's experiment. I am not so sure that Scandinavians - especially Swedish ones - do that in purpose.

The director of Ondskan is . I can clearly say that the fiction of the movie reproduce a very controversal issue/situation which continues from the existance of human race; the definitions on what is good and bad. The movie thakes this highly controversal and complex discussion to a basic platform and expect us to ask questions to ourselves instead of directly reflecting a keen point of view on good and bad. The main point of view of the movie can be sayed that is it is impossible to define the good or bad behaviour and the definition of this two conccepts have been shaped by our societies due to their benefits for hundereds of years.

Giving this informations before telling the story of the movie was compulsory for me to make you understand better on what the perception of the movie is. Then here comes the story;

Erik Ponti is a teenager boy with his own teenager issues. Her mother is a married with a man who has a normal job to lat them enough to live an average life. Oh I was fotgotten! He sometimes beat Erik with his collar for a reason. After Erik gets low grades form his school, his stepfather claims his as an "evil" while we wan beaten him with his collar. During the time that Erik is beaten by his stepfather, her mother always plays piano to ignore what's happening in her and her husband's bedroom.

Erik's mother sells some antique pottery and paintins which were belong to her former family members to send Erik to a private school. And our story begins with that.

The school is very far from the any city and just for boys. Erik rapidly understands that there's a unquestionable hierarcy between the students. The chiefs of the students can do anything to others. There are extremely strict rules that no one dares to breake. But Erik is a naturally rule breaker and him and his Jewish friend Dahlén (He was kicked out from the other groupes because of the reason that he has black haire and a shape of an Mediterannean/ Middle Eastern which does not look like an Aryan, a Scandinavian. We see a professor claiming this discourse in the movie) 

While Erik starts a fight againts the violent hierarcy, he finds his power on "changing things" and the line between good and bad became less blur in the time that he faces with his enemy, Otto Silverhileim, the cief of students. The student who is considered as the good example and also does the most devilish things to Erik on order to block him to being a threat to his othority. When Erik finds out that the good and bad, eve and mary are the things that societies can easily define and canalise people on the way that they recreate the definions of this concepts, he finds out that nothing sheaped by societies, even the hierarchy, even the patriarcal values can block him. He feels free as much as he feels powerful. 

Even the some scenes may be disturbed for you because of the violence and blood, I would vote high for this movie on order to create a liitle sample of the world in a school and in a family and enlarges the story with good performances by actory. Actually, very good performances.

A movie that highly worth to watch.


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