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Tokyo Ghoul Theory: Is Arima Kaneki Ken's Biological Father?

This is what Arima did to Kaneki.

This idea is lingering in my mind for so long. It actually might be an accurate theory but there's onlye one thing; Arima is too young to be Ken Kaneki's (Haise Sasaki) father.

I made some research on the internet and found out that there are just a few person who wonders who Ken Kaneki's father is. I will say something that I am sure of; we will learn more about his father. Why? Because it is a fiction and Kaneki's father is defining who Kaneki is now. The plot requires to find out Kaneki's father and we will learn eventually who he really is.

So, what do we know about Kaneki's father so far? He died when Kaneki was so little that he doesn't even remember how his father looked like. But we know that he liked reading a lot. Kaneki read all of his father's book and created an inverted personality on his own world. These are the characteristic features of Kaneki. From manga, we just know that his father is gone. As far as Kaneki knows he is dead. But does he really dead? 
Besides that, they freakishly look like each other

I assure you that we will also learn about Kaneki and Arima more. For the manga readers; do you remember the chapter where the doctor Akihio Kanou says that maybe Kaneki has already a ghoul side and thanks to that, the operation was successful. On the other hand, the other 1200 people was dead for the sake of creating half human- half ghoul species. Kaneki was the only one who survived after the surgery. (Then Kanou makes progress thanks to Kaneki and makes more successful operations) This is a "foreshadowing" to the Kaneki's past. 

We also know that there are some ghouls that their kagunes are never show up and they are not welcomed in Ghoul society even they are actually ghouls. Don't you think that Arima does have a ot of power ( I mean, a lotttt!) in comparison to other human beings? Maybe it is because of the reason that he is also a ghoul but with an nonfunctional kagune. Or the worst scenario, he is the One- Eyed King.

We still don't know the main purpose of Aogiri Tree. Creating half-humans half ghouls? Acceptance of the Ghouls by the society? Or...? I think we will read a great chapter about the story behind the Aogiri Tree and also The One-Eyed King. Even though Arima is not a ghoul, I strongly believe that the One-Eyed-King is Kaneki Ken's father. So, Kaneki Ken's father = Arima =One-Eyed King are all the same person. Because there is no  more powerful character in the story than Arima. He is even more powerful than One-Eyed- Owl, Eto. 

Also, the time when Arima and Ken Kaneki had "the" fight, Arima recognizes him from the poem that Kaneki starts to tell due to his delusions, the pom that his father thought him before he deceased. After Kaneki finishes telling the poem, Arima simply says "Then, you are..." and saves Kaneki instead of killing him and transforming him into a Ghoul-blade. It is also known that both Kaneki and Arima are very into literature and Arima borrows books from Haise (Kaneki's new name)  and calls Arima "Dad". 

At the last chapter, the 57th, "Eve", Kaneki starts to remember how he was defeated by Arima and lost all of his memories. What we see is one of his thoughts during his remembering moment is "Kill Arima" so, to make the plot more attractive and twisted, Sui Ishida might have been created a Father- Son fight in both sides, Kaneki with ghouls, Arima with humans. But there's only one thing; Arima is just 32 years old. It is impossible that he could be Kaneki's father. But it is also possible that he just simply lied about his age. As we saw at Tokyo Ghoul Black Jack, he is too mature to be fifteen. 

I am still not sure that Arima is Ken's father but I suspect that they are somehow connected. Maybe a big brother? But then, who is Ken's father?


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