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Yes, we ban and the way of exit.

Today I am going to write about out of my usual topics. I would like to do some criticism on movies or music bands but the decraising tention in Turkey has started to turn out as "dictatiora" as we can call.

Worries about Turkey was never ended in past and it is never going to end. But the fact is, every country has issues and this issues qill bring out dynamisms and progression to the future.I dare that this any kind of movements- democratic or non-democratic- that changes the real framework in a country, region or ethnicity will have different consequences that we might not forehead and this consequences are necessary even if we don't appreciate the results. Yes, I am trying to say that any kind of changing is good. It will link us to an other situation that will make a chain reaction. But of course, if I take my Turkish glasses on, it is terrifying what is happening in here right now.

I took lots of courses on European Union in the terms of inregratin, immigration, multuculturalism etc. But the main issue that takes my attention on EU is that it is the only succesful supranational organization which Turkey increadbly for instant. I am not writing on an academic platform so I can directly reflect my observations and opinions on Turkey. Being a part of a supranational organization will highly terrify Turkish people in the terms of "fear of being controlled, especially by Christians." But the fact that,  within the eyes of Turks, "arrogant westerns" can replace with Christians because even if it is not like that for instance because of the current government, Turkey is not a fundemantally conservative country. Yeah! So, as we know, Turks are already a part of European Court of Human Rights and I dare that even if this court has no right to change thing in countries but make them pay and decrease their reputations on international area; this suppreme court made lots of changes in Turkey. It is not enough, but It made.

The main issue of Turkish citizens are that they need a "supreme". Actually it is better to call Central and Eastern Anatolians because in every big country, it is hard to take the whole country as one (even Belgium has got millards of differences!) So, this Anatolian citizens who support this Islamic-contervative government like "crazies" need a head to say them what is wrong or right. Of course I am giving examples from my country but If you are Polish you can talk about Polish villages which ressembles the ones in Turkey. -I know they are exist!- So that, after this vague of conservatism in Turkey -it will be in a few years- the EU should use this opportunity of being the suppreme for Turkey. No, not Turkey. Turkish people were highly optimistic for being a part of the EU like 20 years ago. Even ten years ago, when everybody has started to talk about the candidatorship of Turkey, there were lots of movies on European Turkey. There were some good as I remember. Candidatorship of Turkey is accepted in 2005, with Finland. Turkey was demanded to join to the EU in 1987. As the most of Turkish scholars say, the reason that Turkey had became a candidate was the "fear". Fear of a spreading flame in Balkans which had never end after the Balkan War. After the regocnition of an independent Kosovo, the EU felt to take Turkey to their sides. I am not explaining that with fancy words because of my limited English but that is the scholars discuss in here, Turkey. Turkey is a OECD and NATO member and it has the second biggest army in NATO. ( I may write an other post on obligation of join to army in Turkey. All men joins to the army when they turn 20 and there's no exception. If you escape, they out you in jail then send you to army again.) But however, the EU did not care about this anti humanitarian act and started directly the negotiations. Actually, there's a thing that came up my mind just right now that it is compulsory to join to army for Fin people too. But I don't think that there is a connection between those. 

The journey of Turkey on the EU was extremely hard. I still do not think that Turkey is not at " European Standards" and hard to keep up this standards for a while too but if I think about the benefits of my country, I am a supporter of the EU. Maybe It would be easy even for Turkey to accept Turkey in 90's. in 95for example. Apart from the fear of migration, Turkish people are really easy to get along with. Yeah! You should not be suprised! Even more than Serbians. Probably same as Bosnians. Because Turkey is a characteristically changing country. Even the  religious beliefs have no great roots for many regions in Turkey- which I don't think that being religious is a bad thing. I am highly against to the ones who says "But Turkey is an Islamic state". No, Turkey is a secular state and even if it wasn't It wouldn't be a problem.  Because your states are not secular.) The first sentence of Greek's constitiution is " Hella is an Orthodox country." So what? Modernization does not mean Europeanisation anymore. I am not a believer but I support that the religious people has right to be modern. And Turkey is the greatest example of this diversity. The biggest chance of the EU to create a bridge into the Muslum immigrants who live in their countries on modernization. 


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